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In accordance with the provision of Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, regarding information society and electronic trade services (henceforth, LSSICE), the following information is made available to customers:

  • The holder of the web page is EUSKO IKASKUNTZAREN EUSKOMEDIA FUNDAZIOA (henceforth, EUSKOMEDIA), dedicated to cultural and dissemination activities on the Internet, registered at the corresponding Foundations Registry of the Basque Government, with Fiscal Identification Code Number G20735296 and registered office at Astasuin, 14 (Txikierdi) in the town of Usúrbol, province of Guipuzcoa, with telephone number 943322296 and fax number 943322262. EUSKOMEDIA's email address is
  • The domain has been registered by EUSKOMEDIA.

The web site offers the following services:

  • free services for the visualisation of contents: images, voice and/or audio files.
  • availability services for images and/or audio; information on prices and licenses can be found at the following link:
  • At this address you can access all our services and receive information on the corresponding fees and licenses to use the contents.
  • The given prices do not include the taxes that correspond to the provision of services.

The customer or user promises to use the web page in accordance with the conditions of use. The holder of the web page can never be held responsible for the damages caused by the customer due to misusing the web site or any service or contents that stems from this misuse regarding third parties. In this case, only and exclusively the customer or user will be held responsible.

The holder reserves the right to grant access to services and contents located on the web site if he/she were to consider it convenient. The holder reserves the right to forbid access to those users who violate the provisions established in this legal notice.

The holder will appropriately fulfil his/her duty to cooperate with legal and administrative authorities in accordance with article 11 of the LISETS by providing requested details and information. In any other case, the holder can not sell, give, lend or transfer personal information or details of its customers or users to third parties that have no relation whatsoever with the purpose and services provided by the we page


The holder of the web page, EUSKOMEDIA, is also the holder of the intellectual property rights regarding the title and contents of this web site, as well as the domain, images, graphics, texts and any other contents located on the web site. All these elements are protected by national and international intellectual property laws that are currently in force. The holder reserves the right to exploit these contents.

Likewise, the contents, brands, trade marks and other intellectual and industrial property rights that are expressly stated on the web site will belong to their lawful owners. The holder of the web page is not responsible for other people's opinions located on the web site, and neither for their legality, truthfulness and integrity. The holder can not be held responsible for the stated criteria or opinions, and neither for the misuse or infringement of elements protected by intellectual property laws on behalf of customers or users.

The holder of the web page reserves the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication including making available on communication networks, and transformation including the translation of the web site's contents. It is forbidden to access and use these contents without express authorisation of the holder. Likewise, the use of contents belonging to other web sites does not mean that their lawful owners have handed over their intellectual property rights. These must expressly authorise on paper the release of their intellectual property rights.

The holder can change the contents and elements that are part of the web site, structures and source code whenever he/she considers it necessary for the appropriate provision of services without having to communicate the modification previously.

The holder allows links to the web site as long as they are simple links to the site's homepage. Under no circumstances will it be understood that the holder assumes a contractual relation with the holder of the web site that establishes the link, and neither does the holder accept or approve the contents or services provided by the web site that establishes the link.


In accordance with the laws for the protection of personal data, the holder of the web site has adopted the safety levels and measures for the protection of personal data demanded in Organic Law 1/1999, of the 13th of December (henceforth LOPD), and its regulations under development. The personal data obtained through the web site www.3digitala,com are automatically processed and incorporated to a folder that belongs to EUSKOMEDIA, who is responsible of the folder in question and its processing.

When a customer fills in the form requesting permission to use the site's images or contents, or submits his/her email for information or other communications, he/she is giving his/her express consent in order to include his/her personal data in the computerised folder and to process the information for the following purposes: administrative and commercial management of personal data, customer management, fiscal management regarding the services and products that are offered.

The customer or user can exercise his/her right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation in accordance with LOPD, by contacting the holder by sending an email to or by sending a letter to EUSKOMEDIA, Astesuain, 14 (Txikierdi), 20170 Usúrbil (Guipúzcoa).

The folder in question is registered at the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data. Users can access their files to check the situation of their personal data.


The holder can not guarantee that the web site is going to be functioning at all times, and can neither guarantee that the web site's contents are going to be available at all times. The holder is not responsible for possible delays or faults in the access, functioning and operation of the web sites or their contents or services. The holder can neither be held responsible for interruptions, cancellations or malfunctioning of the web site, if these were caused by faults due to force majeure, extreme emergencies, strikes, hackers, piracy or any other random law.


These conditions of use are ruled by the law that currently regulates information society and electronic trade services?

For all disagreements that may arise from the interpretation and execution of the present conditions of use, EUSKOMEDIA and the customer and/or user are subject to the laws of the Courts and Tribunals of Donostia-San Sebastián. This condition constitutes an alternative competence submission clause, to be chosen by the claimant, who must specifically renounce any other that may be of his concern now or in the future.


The holder EUSKOMEDIA has its registered and permanent office at Astesuain, 14 (Txikierdi), 20170 Usúrbil (Guipúzcoa). For more information, suggestions or proposals please get in touch via the Customer Services Line on 943322296 or by sending an email to